Carbon Offset Futures on Nodal Exchange

Learn about the new voluntary carbon offsets that launched
on June 17th, 2022, available only on Nodal Exchange.


Carbon offsets are an increasingly important part of environmental markets. Voluntary offset contracts on Nodal Exchange help to simplify and streamline access and quality concerns. We offer:

  • Standardized contracts
  • Broadened access to a large supply of highly vetted offsets, including actively traded CERs
  • Streamlined and simplified delivery process in one platform, with no additional marketplace involvement
  • Vintage based nature offset contracts, which allow participants to cash and carry their holdings
  • Gold Standard as a deliverable registry in the VER CORSIA contract given their broad acceptance in the market.
  • Limited counter-party credit risk by clearing

The Largest Variety of Offset Futures – All in One Place

Existing Offset Futures

  • California Compliance Offset with 8 years of invalidation risk (CCO-8)
  • California Compliance Offset with no invalidation risk (CCO-0)

Live as of June 17th, 2022

  • CORSIA Eligible Offsets
  • Nature Based Offsets
  • Removal Units
  • CERs Commitment Period 2
  • CERs 2013+ Registration (Article 6 Ready)
  • CERs 2016+ (CORSIA Eligible)

Certified Emission Reduction (CER) Futures Tradable on Nodal

Market participants now have access to standardized futures exchange tools to manage their CER positions. CERs are both a large and highly vetted pool of supply but also offer unique use optionality.



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