The WCA Auction Marks Another Carbon Market Milestone

Mar 8, 2023 | Blog

Yesterday’s release of the results from the inaugural Washington state carbon market auction and the accompanying trading activity on our partner Nodal Exchange in WCA futures present a good time to stop and reflect on the journey so far for carbon compliance markets in the U.S. and also thank all those who have supported these markets along the way.

I am proud to have been part of the team that developed the first CFTC regulated exchange-traded contracts for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) in 2008 on CCFE (now ICE), the California Cap and Trade Program in 2011 on ICE and most recently the Washington Cap and Invest program on Nodal Exchange.

Carbon compliance markets in North America are poised for tremendous growth and have come a long way over that period with current open interest across exchanges approaching 450,000 contracts.

IncubEx is committed to play our role in the advancement of environmental markets by helping bring new and innovative products, like WCA futures on Nodal Exchange to market.

We have built our business with a focus on relationships with market participants and will continue to do so. It has been a great journey and I’d like to thank all the customers, partners, regulators, and friends along the way.

There is still much more ahead!

Dan Scarbrough
President & COO



WCA V23 Futures on Nodal


WCA V23 Futures on Nodal

Nodal Exchange posted its busiest trading day on March 7th, with 335 WCA futures traded. Open interest is now 225 contracts. See the trades from yesterday's markets.
12:01:24 PMWBGWCA V23 Future10$43.00
1:05:15 PMWBGWCA V23 Future10$42.00
2:03:55 PMWBGWCA V23 Future10$41.00
3:24:30 PMWBGWCA V23 Future20$48.50
3:25:25 PMWBGWCA V23 Future15$48.50
3:27:08 PMWBGWCA V23 Future35$48.50
3:28:03 PMWBGWCA V23 Future15$48.50
3:28:51 PMWBGWCA V23 Future10$48.50
3:30:47 PMWBGWCA V23 Future25$49.00
3:54:09 PMWBGWCA V23 Future50$49.00
3:55:13 PMWBGWCA V23 Future25$49.00
4:02:16 PMWBGWCA V23 Future25$50.00
4:24:20 PMWBGWCA V23 Future25$50.00
4:25:46 PMWBGWCA V23 Future10$50.00
4:28:13 PMWBGWCA V23 Future50$50.00


Learn More

We invite you to learn more about WCAs and trading the latest North American carbon market on Nodal. Nodal also offers futures and options on California Carbon Allowances and RGGI Allowances, with European Union Allowances offered on EEX.

For more information on the WCA contracts including contract specifications, see our WCA webpage or please contact Steve McComb or Nathan Clark.