Launch of IncubEx Operations

May 4, 2017 | Press Release

IncubEx, LLC, a financial markets incubator and business development team, announces the launch of its operations.

IncubEx will develop new products and services through partnerships with leading financial service and financial technology firms. The IncubEx team has extensive experience and customer relationships in global energy and environmental commodities, reinsurance, and other closely related asset classes.

“With the launch of IncubEx, I am pleased to bring together key leaders from teams that helped innovate and build successes over two decades. They have pioneered emissions allowance trading, developed reinsurance markets and helped build businesses such as Climate Exchange PLC,” said Michael MacGregor, IncubEx CEO.

Chairman Neil Eckert, cited the growing scale, scope and sophistication of the global derivatives markets, “Following a successful capital raise, we are finding strong interest from leading exchanges and other potential partners. The IncubEx team brings a record of delivering value to customers, investors, and the broader trading community. We are well positioned to grow our business in these rapidly evolving markets.”

About IncubEx

IncubEx, LLC is a Delaware company that focuses on product and business development, in conjunction with market-leading partners to innovate and incubate new financial products and services that meet the needs of the rapidly evolving global commodities markets. The company will initially have offices in Chicago and London.