Richard Wilson

Managing Director and Head of European Sales

London Office

+44 7957 765 324

Richard Wilson serves as Managing Director and head of sales of IncubEx in Europe. Richard has over 30 years of market experience from his time as a Broker in London. Richard started as an interest rate options broker at Tullett and Tokyo until he transitioned into the commodity space in 2007. His focus there was initially carbon emissions, including EUAs and CERs, he was also instrumental in the growth of the options markets in these products. Richard ran teams in other commodity products including coal, iron ore, nuclear fuels, and insurance linked derivatives, in his role as a Director of Energy at Tullett Prebon plc. During his time in the energy space, Richard worked very closely with various exchanges helping develop their product offering and specifications, resulting in efficient curves and settlements. Following this Richard spent time running his own broking and consulting business, also offering compliance services to small bespoke financial businesses. Most recently Richard worked at Griffin Markets as Head of Cross Commodity Options helping them build their market offering.